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Michelle Kelly Therapist

Mental Health Therapy


Highly Motivated Humans




POW Therapy strives to support you in creating a Place of Optimal Wellness within yourself, your relationships and the energy you bring to the world. 

 Similar to the special conditions needed to produce a one-of-a-kind stellar snowflake, the effectiveness of therapy is enhanced when we work together to create optimal and personalized conditions for your healing journey.

POW Therapy specializes in sex therapy, EMDR Therapy holistic health

Sex Therapy Michelle Kelly
EMDR Therapy
Holisitic Health

Exclusively serving Highly Motivated
individuals, couples+ & lgbtqia+

Kink Affirming Therapist

Licensed in Utah & California

Utah: CMHC - license# 8669573-6004

California: LPCC - license# 10207

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