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what is holistic health?

Holistic health invites you to increase your awareness of the powerful impact of various influences on your health. With an emphasis on attuning to and mindfully fulfilling the needs of the whole person, holistic health is a key ingredient to creating optimal wellness.

Integrating physical, mental, relational, spiritual, environmental and cultural wellness into your healing process can produce profound results. Making lifestyle changes to promote optimal wellness can be a difficult process despite the rewards. It's common to need support and education as you seek optimal wellness. It's also common to work with a variety of health providers to support you during this process.

how it helps? 

Attending to holistic health in conjunction with sex therapy and/or EMDR Therapy will produce improved results. As human beings, our health is influenced by all internal and external stimuli. These influences either negatively or positively impact our health.

Deciding to care for your whole self is a gift you deserve receiving. Improved health, clarity, relationships, self-awareness, motivation, resilience and vigor for life are all rewards of holistic health. I invite you to deepen your therapeutic experience through seeking optimal wellness and integrating holistic health into your healing journey. I am committed to supporting you in achieving balance.

create balance

what influences optimal wellness?

Brain Health & Gut Health

Nutrition & Hydration

Sleep Hygiene

Movement & Exercise

Family, Peers & Community

Mental Health

Physical Health

Relational Health

Environmental Health

Sexual Health

Occupational & Financial Health

Spiritual Values & Personal Ethics

Hobbies, Play, Meaning & Purpose

Multicultural Variables

Media, Society, Politics & Public Policy

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