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Michelle Kelly Sex Therapist

About Michelle Kelly

why sex therapy, trauma therapy & holistic health? 

After spending years working with trauma survivors, I've learned therapy is incomplete without addressing the needs of the whole person. While working with adult survivors of child sexual abuse at Saprea, I discovered addressing distress with sexuality is a missing link in many therapy offices. Not all therapists approach the topics of sexuality or holistic health when treating trauma, mental health, and relationship concerns. I believe these are essential to sustained healing and enhanced well-being


Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

Certified EMDR Therapist

Certified Brain Health Coach

Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

UCASA Sexual Assault Counselor

Adjunct professor at University of Utah for 10 years

Customized presentations to suit your needs

professional memberships

who I serve?

Highly motivated clients who are ready to create optimal wellness within themselves and their surrounding environments. 

How to get the most out of therapy?

Psychotherapy and holistic health are powerful, healing tools when an individual is prepared to look at all parts of themselves and is committed to creating change. If honesty and authenticity don't occur during sessions, your results will be limited.

life is a dance

I am dedicated to helping you master the art of living! As a retired professional dancer, I connect with movement as a metaphor for life. Sometimes we leap and soar with delight. Other moments are excruciating as we spin, stumble, wrestle and fall. All of the choreography matters. It's part of our human experience. Each moment and movement tells us a story. If we have the courage to listen, we may notice we possess the wisdom and answers within we need to learn, evolve and heal. I believe in your ability to walk through, explore and transform your pain, fear and uncertainty with fierce commitment and authenticity. You deserve to do this work. If you're ready for such a journey, my services may be right for you. 

Michelle Kelly Sex Therapist


Photo Credit: Jay Dash Photography - Michelle Kelly atop Devil's Castle. Alta, UT.

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