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Amen Clinics Partnership

Brain Health = Mental Health

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WHY does POW Therapy partner with Amen Clinics?

  • POW Therapy believes you deserve the best, most innovative mental health treatment!

  • Amen Clinics look at the organ we are treating: The brain!

  • They use Brain SPECT imaging to more accurately diagnose & treat your mental health concerns.

  • Supports you in creating a personalized treatment plan that uses the least toxic, most effective solutions.

  • POW Therapy clients get 10% off Amen Clinics services.

WHAT will I gain by collaborating with Amen Clinics?

  • Uncover the root cause of your mental health concerns, which may not be discovered or treated otherwise.

  • Education & resources to understand your experience & an evidenced-based path for improved wellness.

  • World-class care by Amen Clinics providers, selected based on your specialized needs.

  • Increased understanding & decreased shame, blame, & conflict for yourself & your family.

  • Therapeutic support from POW Therapy, an Amen Method advocate & partner.

WHO will benefit from collaborating with Amen Clinics?

  • You have unsuccessfully experienced relief from other treatment methods.

  • You have not received the answers & care you are seeking, yet you know something is wrong.

  • You want to understand the brain condition(s) contributing to behavioral or emotional disturbances.

  • You want to know the impact of brain impairment due to head trauma, substances, infections or toxins.

  • You want a brain health check-up to ensure you are on the right track for brain optimization & prevention.

WHEN is the best time to seek collaborative care with Amen Clinics?

WHEN is the best time to seek collaborative care with Amen Clinics?

  • When you feel like giving up hope because nothing is working to relieve your distress.

  • When you are highly motivated to make lifestyle changes to promote healing & optimal wellness.

  • When you care deeply about your health span & want to know how your actions influence this.

  • When you are committed to investing in your wellness & your future.

WHERE are the Amen Clinics?

There are 11 Amen Clinics in the U.S. Each clinic offers providers with unique specialties. POW Therapy, along with an Amen Clinic Outreach Manager, will work with you to determine which location/provider suits your needs. Amen Clinic locations.

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