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WHY does POW Therapy partner with Amen Clinics?

  • POW Therapy believes you deserve the best, most innovative mental health treatment!

  • Amen Clinics look at the organ we are treating: The brain!

  • They use Brain SPECT imaging to more accurately diagnose & treat your mental health concerns.

  • Supports you in creating a personalized treatment plan that uses the least toxic, most effective solutions.

  • POW Therapy clients get 10% off Amen Clinics services.

WHAT will I gain by collaborating with Amen Clinics?

  • Uncover the root cause of your mental health concerns, which may not be discovered or treated otherwise.

  • Education & resources to understand your experience & an evidenced-based path for improved wellness.

  • World-class care by Amen Clinics providers, selected based on your specialized needs.

  • Increased understanding & decreased shame, blame, & conflict for yourself & your family.

  • Therapeutic support from POW Therapy, an Amen Method advocate & partner.

WHO will benefit from collaborating with Amen Clinics?

  • You have unsuccessfully experienced relief from other treatment methods.

  • You have not received the answers & care you are seeking, yet you know something is wrong.

  • You want to understand the brain condition(s) contributing to behavioral or emotional disturbances.

  • You want to know the impact of brain impairment due to head trauma, substances, infections or toxins.

  • You want a brain health check-up to ensure you are on the right track for brain optimization & prevention.

WHEN is the best time to seek collaborative care with Amen Clinics?

WHEN is the best time to seek collaborative care with Amen Clinics?

  • When you feel like giving up hope because nothing is working to relieve your distress.

  • When you are highly motivated to make lifestyle changes to promote healing & optimal wellness.

  • When you care deeply about your health span & want to know how your actions influence this.

  • When you are committed to investing in your wellness & your future.

WHERE are the Amen Clinics?

There are 9 Amen Clinics in the U.S. Each clinic offers providers with unique specialties. POW Therapy, along with an Amen Clinic Outreach Manager, will work with you to determine which location/provider suits your needs. Amen Clinic locations.

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