what is emdr therapy?

"Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is an extensively researched, effective psychotherapy method proven to help people recover from trauma and other distressing life experiences..." (EMDRIA, 2020. emdria.org).


EMDR Therapy is a powerful tool to enhance your healing. During your EMDR Therapy sessions you will be educated about trauma and the brain/body, learn coping skills to effectively navigate distress and be guided into the process of learning to trust your body's natural ability to heal. A rewarding feature of EMDR Therapy is that the growth, learning and healing you gain from therapy will come from within.

who can emdr help? 

EMDR Therapy is a trauma-based treatment, which is most powerful when you feel ready, motivated and capable to approach your distress. Unresolved trauma is any life experience you haven't fully processed or made peace with.  

EMDR Therapy is commonly used to support individuals navigating PTSD, anxiety/panic, depression, grief & loss, sexual assault, violence & abuse, survivors of natural disasters, performance anxiety, substance abuse & addiction, chronic illness, pain, major life changes, relational issues, uncertainty and more...If you have further questions contact POW Therapy or Learn More.

healing is possible


a note from michelle

Remember, your body is wise.

The ebb and flow of healing is natural and normal.

It means you are human, not flawed.

If your body is telling you something is not right;

it is asking for your attention.

Your body will guide you if you allow it.

Accepting this is a true gift to yourself.

Trust the process, even the excruciating moments.

They all matter. They all have meaning.

~Healing is Possible~