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what is sex therapy?

who sex therapy helps? 

Sex therapy invites you to gain a deep understanding of the multi-faceted influences that shape your relationship with yourself, others and your sexuality. It provides a safe space for you to share, process and make peace with distress related to your sexuality.

Sex therapy is a form of psychotherapy. There's no sexual contact between a therapist and a client. A sex therapist supports clients in approaching and moving through emotional, physical and social challenges related to sexuality. The goal of sex therapy is to enhance sexual health and assist clients in developing a satisfying and pleasurable relationship with this part of their human experience.

Sexual health is relevant to all age groups. As we evolve, our relationship with our sexuality evolves. Every human being has a unique relationship with their sexuality due to varying life experiences and influences. Everybody's experience matters.


Sex therapy is useful for individuals experiencing distress related to their sexuality. Many factors can contribute to this distress. What's distressing for one person may be ok for another. There's no "normal" when it comes to sexual expression. However, societal and cultural influences may lead you to believe otherwise. If you're experiencing distress related to your sexuality, sex therapy may be useful for you.   

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common reasons to seek sex therapy

Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Sexual Trauma & Sexual Shame

Desire & Values Differences w/ Partner(s)

Physical & Performance Concerns

Infidelity & Betrayal Trauma

Religion, Spirituality & Sexuality

Low & No Desire Concern

Gender Identity Distress

Sexual Orientation Distress

LGBTQIA+ Concerns

Sexuality, Parenting & Postpartum Concerns

Fertility, Pregnancy & Childbirth Concerns

Out of Control Sexual Behaviors

Sexuality & Aging

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